Background to German History

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If you want a quick, simple guide to German history, you could give the following animations a try, which quickly although simplistically gives you an idea of the origins of German history up to the present day (in 5 minutes…)!

To get an idea of how complex the patchwork of German states were on the eve of the Napoleonic wars, you could look at the map. Every colour represents a different state:

A map of ‘Germany’ in 1789 (click to enlarge)

Much more in depth….

The invention of Germany: The Thirty Years’ War

The rise of Prussia

The Congress of Vienna

The Revolutions of 1848

The Art of Germany
The background to German unification is the emergence of nationalism – mainly as a romantic ideal that emerged from the ashes of years of German defeat from the French and before them, the Swedes. Schubert’s Eolkonig – an illustration of Romantic themes Worth watching with subtitles switched on to ‘English’.

Background to Prussia – short but deep history!

Really detailed but excellent on medieval background

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