History Websites


History heroes
English History to 1688


BBC BITESIZE is an excellent resource IGCE.
John D. Clare is really helpful for several of the units we study at IGCSE – especially International Relations Between the Wars; Germany 1919-39 and the Cold War.
Mr Allsop History is useful for teachers and for students. There are loads of good revision podcasts tailored specifically for the IGCSE on this site.
Macro History. This site is very useful for IGCSE and beyond.
GCSEHistory.org.uk. Useful for some topics on the ICGSE curriculum.

Personal investigations

AlphaHistoryAlphaHistory contains lots of primary sources as well as quizzes, crosswords etc. on such topics as the French Revolution, WWI, Weimar Germany, Nazi Germany, The Cold War, Vietnam.
Best History Websites
Reviews in History, covering books and digital resources across all fields of history
British History Online
European History Research Guide
European History Topics
Historical Association
History Online
History and Policy
History Off the Shelf
Imperial War Museum
The Institute of Historical Research
The National Archives
The Radio 4 In Our Time Archive
Association for Historical Dialogue and Research
Cambridge University Virtual Classroom

German History Society
German Historical Documents is excellent for selected primary sources.

French History Online
French Revolution Archive
French Revolution Primary Sources
Second Guerre Mondiale
Welcome to 1789

The Medieval Internet Sourcebook – Fordham University


The World War I documents archive

The BBC has a fantastic ‘people’s war page’ on WWII which is no longer updated but which is still a fascinating repository of primary source material.


Check out the superb Crash Course World History from the Khan Academy, taught by the writer John Green (author of ‘The Fault in Our Stars’).
Also worth visiting is HistoryOnTheNet.com, though this is of more use to A level/Pre-U students.
Future Learning is an interesting site that offers free course, including some history courses, including this one on WWI: ‘WWI in a 100 stories’


A useful blog is Intriguing history which covers all sorts of areas of specific interest to students and staff alike: ‘Intriguing History is a free to use project that is experimenting with mapping and connecting historical information across a wide range of British Historical Themes of particular interest to family, local and social historians.’

Departmental Subscriptions

Password and username available for both of the following from the library or your teacher.

    History Today
    The department has an institutional subscription to History Today. If you are unsure of the user name and password, ask your teacher.

    Philip Allan Resources
    Another good resources is Philip Allan Resources aimed very much at sixth-form students.

    In addition to the above, JSTOR can be accessed through the School intranet and is extremely useful for finding articles – especially if you know what you are looking for.

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