Germany 1918-1933

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Complete the Germany Timeline as we go through the course.


The Weimar Republic: Years of Crisis 1919-1923

Kapp-Putsch, Marinebrigade Erhardt in Berlin

The Weimar Republic: Golden Years 1924-1929
Otto Dix - Metropolis

Hitler and the Nazis, and Weimar’s Final Years


Mr Budd History has an excellent page full of powerpoints, videos and other materials that can help you understand this period but at GCSE level.  You will need to read beyond this in order to get up to Pre-U standard.  Nonetheless, these resources provide a good place to start.

The following video gives a reasonable overview of the key events that you need to know 1918-1933. It is not terribly detailed – more of a run through but still useful.

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2 thoughts on “Germany 1918-1933

  1. Very good on the hyperinflation and Germany videos. Very interesting and useful.

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  2. Hyper inflation and Spartakist Uprising very good and concise. Helps solidify everything regarding the topics.


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