See J. P. Sommerville’s handy overview

Traumatic childhood

A good short overview of childhood – part 1 (8 minutes)

The religious settlement

The Greenwich observatory has a good Elizabeth webpage with a useful section on the Religious Settlement that you can find here

Much more detailed is the history of parliament website

Mary Queen of Scots

Wyatt rebellion, plots against Mary and Queen Elizabeth – part 2 (8 minutes)

A video about Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots – part 3 (8 minutes)

Mary Queen of Scots:

The BBC History website is helpful.

The Spanish Armada

Why did the Spanish Armada fail – useful website.

A good set of note on the Spanish Armada can be downloaded from here

Elizabeth’s speech at Tilbury

The BBC History website has a useful page well worth reading.

HistoricUK have a good page on the Spanish Armada.

Essay plan for the Spanish Armada
Plan for the Spanish armada essay

Tudor Revision

Flip quiz for Tudors, a bit dominated by religion.

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