The Roaring Twenties

Key topics

  1. America before 1919
  2. How did America react to the end of WWI?
  3. The American economy in the 1920s
  4. How far was society changing in the 1920s? [POWER]
  5. Culture wars: change and reaction

Revision resources are available on this page.



    Terry Feihn, et al., The USA Between the Wars 1919-1941: a study in depth (SHP).
    R. Bunce, et al., International GCSE History Student Book, 2nd edition (Edexcel);
    B. Walsh, GCSE Modern World History, section 7, pp. 183-210 (Walsh).

    N.b. We will mainly follow Walsh but also refer to the SHP and Edexcel texts.


    As always, make use of the resources available – for example, see John D Clare on this section as on others.

    See also the excellent BBC bitesize.

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