Early Stuarts

A video about James I and his struggles with parliament.

Easy Introduction to James I of England (VI of Scotland)

More difficult

The Gunpowder Plot – about 30 mins

Stories from Parliament – the Gunpowder Plot 1 (7 mins)

Stories from Parliament – the Gunpowder Plot 2 (7 mins)

The English Civil War
Charles I enters parliament to arrest the 5 MPs

The Civil War

Excellent documentary on Charles I in 3 8 minute segments:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The diggers’ song

Lyrics to the Diggers’ Song

Billy Brag’s Digger Song – The World Turned Upside Down

Oliver Cromwell: hero or villain
From 4:03 post-execution

Slightly better:

The Pogues on Cromwell:

The Glorious revolution

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