WWI Resources

An excellent webpage on Recruitment is found on BBC history

Pals Battalions

BBC WWI website

BBC WWI – interactive games, articles etc.

There is an excellent interactive map of the Schlieffen Plan here.

An excellent page on Trench warfare from the bbc can be found here

Richard Holmes documentaries – part 1 on the Western Front
About 12 minutes in there is a good segment (roughly 8-10 mins) on the role of the machine gun illustrating the significance of mechanised warfare.

Richard Holmes on the Somme

The British Soldier’s Equipment in 1914


German soldiers going to war and at war

Soldiers of Empire

The BBC has an interactive 20 minute segment – concerning the attack on High Wood during the Somme which would be excellent for use in class but for the swearing. It can be found here.

Russel Tarr provides links to a wide range of sources about different explanations for the outbreak of WWI, and other questions arising out of Britain’s entry into the war, including, should Britain have stayed out, and should history teachers use the television programme Blackadder in their teaching of the war.

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