The Dartford Delta, and the most Important Chance meeting at a Railway Station in Musical History

RGS History


On 17th October, 1961, an 18-year-old student at the London School of Economics stood on platform two at Dartford Railway Station, heading to college. Shortly after, an 17-year-old art student walked onto the same platform, heading for Sidcup Art School. They had known one another at primary school, but then the LSE student had gone to Dartford Grammar.


Many of us will have had meetings like that. You exchange a few polite words and then move on. Whatever you once had in common is long gone.

However, this wasn’t’t like that. The art student was carrying a guitar. And not any old guitar: instead, an electric (hollow-bodied Hoefner cutaway, if you want to know). That’s significant in itself: an electric guitar could only means a serious muso. The LSE student was carrying two LPs. Once again, that said the same thing, that this guy was serious about his music: in…

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