Road to War pt 1

The key issues:

  • To identify the different aims of the Big Three and how they impacted on the peace treaties.
  • To understand the key terms of each of the peace treaties.
  • To know the reactions to the peace settlement especially in Germany to the Treaty of Versailles.

Key concepts:

  • The Fourteen Points
  • The League’s Covenant

Key persons

  • Clemenceau
  • Woodrow Wilson
  • Lloyd George

Class work
Using these videos – answer the questions that follow:

Those who argued the Treaty of Versailles was too harsh included two diplomats who were part of the British delegation, the historian and Labour politician Harold Nicholson, the economist John Maynard Keynes. Churchill, on the other hand thought it fair, as does the modern historian Margaret Macmillan

What were the aims of the Big Three at Versailles?
Did they get what they wanted?
What were the key terms of the treaty of Versailles: GARGLE!
Give three examples of crisis in Germany in the aftermath of WWI
Was Versailles too harsh?
How did the Americans respond to the Treaty of Versailles after Woodrow Wilson returned to the United States?
Why would this be a problem for the future?

1. Create the front page of a German newspaper expressing reactions to the Treaty of Versailles within Germany.
2. Create the front page of a newspaper from either US, Britain or France expressing reactions to the Treaty of Versailles.

Extra materials

Class debate:
Was the Treaty of Versailles fair?

Read: Walsh, pp. 80-85;
Read: Walsh, pp. 86-87.
Read:Walsh, pp. 88-90
Read: Walsh, pp. 91.
Read: Walsh, pp. 94-96
Read: Walsh, pp. 230-231.

Margaret MacMillan on Versailles

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