Creation of State of Israel and the War of 1948-9

Key learning aims:
By the end of this section you should be able to:

  • Explain the developments which led to the creation of Israel and the reaction of its Arab neighbours.
  • Explain the key phases of the war of 1948-9
  • Explain why Israel won the war of 1948-9
  • Explain the consequences of the war of 1948-9

Key themes, concepts and processes:

  • Awareness of British motives
  • UN partition plan
  • First Arab-Israeli War
  • Reason for Israeli victory
  • Palestinian refugee problem
  • Law of Return

  1. The Creation of the State of Israel

    • Hodder, pp.13-15: Partition and the Birth of Israel;
    • Edexcel, pp. 13-14: Creation of the State of Israel


    The creation of the state of Israel and the War of 1948-49

    New video to appear here shortly.


    1. Video and hot seating task: found on BBC bitesize
    2. Read: chapter 5 of the Hodder textbook (pp. 13-15) and complete questions on p. 15.
    3. Group task: To produce a mind map showing the long and short term reasons for the eventual creation of Israel:
      • Rank order the reasons clockwise beginning with the most important at 12.0. clock
      • Draw lines to show links between the reasons. Explain links along lines
    4. Paired task: Produce two different newspaper headlines showing reactions to the creation of Israel:
      • One in the Arab world
      • Another in the USA
    5. Homework: Question C How far was WWII responsible for Jewish state? (click here for the full question and advice on how to answer C questions)


  2. The War of 1948-9

    • Hodder, pp. 16-17: The War of 1948-49;
    • Edexcel, pp. 15-20


    1. Watch the birth of Israel video in relation to the 1948-9 war and take notes
    2. Read: chapters 6 of the Hodder textbook (pp. 16-17) and complete questions on p. 17.
    3. Read: the Edexcel e-textbook, pp.15-19, and explain:
      • Why the Israelis were at a disadvantage
      • Why the Israelis won
      • What Israelis gained from the war
      • The results for the Arab states
    4. Homework: Question b Explain the key features of the formation of the state of Israel in the years 1948-50 (See Edexcel, p. 19 for advice)

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