Hitler and Nazis reading list

These student introductions are good:

    Geoff Layton, Germany: The Third Reich (Access to History, 2nd ed, Lon 2000)
    Dick Geary, Hitler and Nazism (Lancaster Pamphlets, Lon 1993)
    DG Williamson, The Third Reich (Seminar Studies, 2nd ed, Lon 1995)

John Claydon, Interpretations of Nazi Germany (2001)
The historiography, as it stood before Snyder and Tooze (see below)

Richard J Evans, The Third Reich in Power (Lon 2003)
The Third Reich at War (Lon 2008)
Michael Burleigh, The Third Reich (Lon 2000)
Klaus Fischer, Nazi Germany (Lon 1995)

Ian Kershaw, Hitler: 1889-1936, Hubris (Lon 1998)
Hitler: 1936-45, Nemesis (Lon 2000)
Joachim Fest, The Face of the Third Reich (Lon 1973)
A brilliant series of potted biographies
Speer: the Final Verdict (Lon 1999)
Peter Padfield, Himmler (Lon 1990)
Richard Overy, Goering (Lon 1984)
RJ Ruth, Goebbels (Lon 1994)

Ian Kershaw, The Nazi Dictatorship (3rd ed, Lon 1993)
Still the best guide to the historiography of Nazi Germany
The Hitler Myth (Lon 1987)
The Hitler Myth (1985)

Richard J Evans has some
excellent lecture notes on the nature of authority in the Third Reich

And on the extent of corruption and plunder.

Richard Bessel (ed), Life in the Third Reich (Lon 1987)
Michael Burleigh (ed), Confronting the Nazi Past (Lon 1996)
Richard Grunberger, A Social History of the Third Reich (Lon 1971)
David F Crew (ed), Nazism And German Society (Lon 1994)
Ulricht Herbert, Good Times, Bad Times (1986)
<Ordinary people in the Third Reich
Gerhard Wilke, Village Life in Nazi Germany (1985)
Lisa Pine, Girls in Uniform (1999)
A look at the history of the BDM
Giles Milton, Growing Up in Nazi Germany (2011)
One boy’s view
Tom Neuhaus, Youth Rebels of the Third Reich (2005)
Detley Peukert, Young People: For or Against the Nazis? (1985)
Giles MacDonogh’s blog , The 1936 Berlin Olympics (2016) (scroll down to find)

Jonathan Petropoulos, The Faustian Bargain: the Art World in Nazi Germany (Lon 2000)
Roger Moorhouse, Germania: Hitler’s Dream Capital (2012)

Richard J Evans has some excellent lecture notes on foreign policy in the Third Reich

Nazi Foreign Policy

And on the idea of autarky

Autarky: Fantasy or Reality?

And on why Germany lost WW2

Why Did Germany Lose the Second World War?

The historiography of WW2 and the Holocaust have been revolutionised of late. The starting point is war, and the key work is by Adam Tooze.
Adam Tooze, The Wages of Destruction (Lon 2006)
Here reviewed by Nicholas Startgradt
And reviewed here by Richard Tilly
Did Hitler intend to provoke a general war over Poland in September 1939? (2006)
Timothy Snyder, Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin (Lon 2011)
See this article advancing part of Bloodlands’ thesis by Snyder in the Guardian (2010)
There is also a Guardian review by Neal Acherson (2010)
There is also a New York Times review by Anne Applebaum

The Worst of the Madness

And a rather less warm review by Giles MacDonogh

Black Earth: the Holocaust as History and Warning (Lon 2015)
And an article, Hitler’s Inevitable Decision? (2015)
A useful summary
There is also an article on the Holocaust by Snyder in the Guardian (2015)
See also John Owen’s review
There is a rather hostile review by Richard J Evans
Dan Stone, Beyond the Auschwitz Syndrome (2010)
An article outlining modern views of the Holocaust
Roger Moorhouse, Eric C. Steinhart, The Holocaust and the Germanization of Ukraine (2015), review

David Cesarani, Final Solution: the Fate of the Jews 1933-49 (2016)
See also this review by Daniel Snowman
And this somewhat more critical review by Jonathan Steinberg
Peter Hayes, Why? Explaining the Holocaust (Lon 2017)
See also Nicholas Stargardt’s New York Times review of Cesarani and Hayes here
Alan Farmer, Hitler and the Holocaust (2007)
Michael Burleigh & Wolfgang Wipperman, The Racial State (Camb 1991)
Michael Burleigh, Death and Deliverance: Euthanasia in Germany 1900-45 (Camb 1994)
Euthanasia and The Third Reich (1990)
Robert N Proctor, Racial Hygiene: Medicine Under the Nazis (Lon 1998)
Giles MacDonogh, Nikolaus Wachsman, KL: A History of the Nazi Concentration Camps (2016)
Book review
Eighty Years Ago in Germany (2016)
On policy towards outsider in the late ‘30s (scroll down to find)
Hitler the Zionist? (2016)
On the bizarre claim (by Ken Livingstone among others)
A review of Mark Riebling, Church of Spies – The Pope's Secret War Against Hitler (2016)
On how the response of the papacy has been treated unfairly
On his blog http://www.macdonogh.co.uk/blog.htm
Taylor Downing, Sarah Helm, If This Is A Woman: Inside Ravensbrück – Hitler’s Concentration Camp for Women (2016), review
Jeremy Noakes, Social Outcasts in Nazi Germany (1985)
Roger Moorhouse, Beyond Belief: Berlin and the Holocaust (2010)
Richard J Evans, Ordinary Germans and the Final Solution

Ordinary Germans and the ‘Final Solution’

William L Shirer, The Nightmare Years (Lon 1984)
This is Berlin: Reporting from Nazi Germany 1938-40 (Lon 1999)
Shirer was an American journalist in Germany in the ‘30s
Victor Klemperer, I Shall Bear Witness (Lon 1995)
The classic diarist
Albert Speer: Inside the Third Reich (Lon 1970)
Could be subtitled memoirs of a war criminal, to be read in conjunction with Fest
Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf
Pretty much unreadable, but a horribly fascinating glimpse into Hitler’s mind

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