Paper 2 B4 Conflict, Crisis and Change: The Middle East, 1919-1995


  • M Scott-Baumann, Conflict in the Middle East: Israel and the Arabs (Hodder)
  • John Wright, Edexcel eTextbook (Edexcel)

Useful Websites

Scheme of Work

There are three areas of knowledge that you need to master in this section of the course:

A. The British Mandate

  1. WWI and the Origins of Modern Conflicts
  2. British Palestine, 1919-1939
  3. WWII and the End of the British Mandate

B. The Creation of Israel and the Arab-Israeli wars

  1. The Creation of Israel and the War of 1948-9
  2. The Suez Crisis of 1956
  3. The Six Day War of 1967
  4. Yom Kippur, 1973

C. Superpower Involvement, Terror Tactics and the Peace Process

  1. Superpower involvement in the Middle East
  2. Terror tactics and attempts to find a lasting peace

In addition to the items above, see also:

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