The Third Reich 1933-1945

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There is a vast literature of the Third Reich, some references to which can be found here.

There is more garbage broadcast about Hitler and Nazi Germany than any other subject. However, the following are worth watching:

The Nazis: a Warning from History is available on Clickview, and also here

Hitler: the Rise and Fall is also on Clickview, and here
The World at War, episode 20, Genocide still packs a hell of a punch

Of all the fictional portrayals of Hitler, nothing beats Downfall.

Perhaps most disturbingly, Leni Riefenstahl directed two cinematic masterpieces of the documentary genre, and both are Nazi Propaganda:
Triumph of the Will (1934)
Olympiad (1936)

For a discussion of Hannah Arendt’s concept of Totalitarianism and whether it is still applicable to the Third Reich, listen to the Radio 4 In Our Time, Hannah Arendt on Totalitarianism programme on the subject.

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