Civil Rights Revision

A useful revision checklist for Civil Rights can be found here:Civil Rights Checklist

A useful resource for revising this and the Vietnam section of the course is History: Edexcel GCSE The USA, 1954–75: Conflict at Home & Abroad –  found on Seneca.

A useful article summarising the protest movements of the 1960s and the role of TV in catalysing their spread can be found on this blog right here

Timeline of key events in the Cold War and Civil Rights eras can be found here: Timeline for civil rights

Excellent revision videos

One of the best collections of revision videos that I’ve seen is from Mr Cloke, who has a vast array of revision videos – you will need to search but here is a link to the whole lot – MrClokeHistory – Rapid Revision. The videos on Civil Rights revision are yellow.  There are also some useful online lessons in mustard.


Revision notes

Crash Course World History on the 1950s Civil Rights Movement

Crash Course World History on the 1960s

TED on Watergate

If you really want to get to grips with Watergate and put the effort in, you should listen to the fabulous The Rest is History podcast on the topic – in two parts:

The Rest Is History: 106. Watergate: part 1 on Apple Podcasts

The Rest Is History: ARCHIVE: Watergate (Part 2) on Apple Podcasts

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