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For all of you off to Berlin, here are a couple of things to read.

The first is a brief orientation guide.
And the second is a more in depth look at Berlin by Mr Tilbrook with some fabulous pictures.

You can download the orientation guide here –
Berlin Trip Booklet 1 – orientation guide

and the in-depth look here – Berlin Booklet 2 – in depth look.

Both can be viewed on mobiles, ipads and laptops using adobe pdf viewer (available for free) or using Apple preview.

The brief orientation guide can be viewed in the Vamoos App.

If you are going on the trip, we strongly recommended that you download a copy of the the Vamoos App which will help keep you updated about everything that we are doing in Berlin whilst we are there.

It contains the itinerary for each day, maps of Berlin with important sights, weather information and allows you to upload and share photographs with everyone on the trip as well as little notes.



And follow these instructions:

1. Please allow Vamoos to access your location even when you are not using the app and allow it to send you notifications.
2. Enter your user ID: SEE YOUR EMAIL
3. Enter your password: SEE YOUR EMAIL
4. Select your name and choose a nickname should you wish.
5. Click on Maps and Load Offline Maps

This should be set up correctly on your phone now and be ready to go. Please ensure you are on WiFi when you download the app – as it will ensure that everything downloads quickly and smoothly.

If you have any problems with this let Dr Matthews know and he will try to help.

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