Tillerscast (1): Clement Attlee

attleee limehouse

Hello all. Above, Clement Attlee campaigning in his constituency, Limehouse, in 1945.

Strange times call for strange measures. So, virtual teaching time, (not) live from Sunny Whitley Bay.

Yes, I’m sorry, but here I am with a few things to say…

Remember, a reading note-taking guide can be found on here. I have also uploaded stuff onto Microsoft Teams.

There is also an old post of mine on Attlee (as well as Troy, Gallipoli and Mustafa Kemal: it kind of makes sense when you read it here.

Meanwhile, here is David Reynolds.

Here are two reviews of John Bew’s brilliant biography.


In Prospect magazine, here; and in the Guardian here.

Tomorrow, we move on. Churchill: the Sunset Years… You lucky people

1 thought on “Tillerscast (1): Clement Attlee

  1. Great stuff! Looking forward to listening later. Aftrer all, I’m not going out anywhere…


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