Tillerscast (9): A History of Supermac in Ten Authors


mac rrading

I’ve written plenty about Harold Macmillan. You should read the one on Macmillan as prime minister, for sure (just click the link). The one about him as a younger man is, arguably, more interesting; read it here. There are also articles about him as foreign secretary and chancellor, and about the houses Mac built. The Tillercasts on the 50s also keep coming back to him, especially Tillerscast 5, on the Tory chancellors. One aspect I haven’t covered here is Europe, which I do cover in this post here. The foreign policy was very much dealt with in Tillerscast 7, on Suez. The establishment in Tillercast 10, Profumo and all that in Tillerscast 11, and the end of Supermac in Tillerscast 12.

Instead, here’s what I want to talk about (well, not really). Clue: Macmillan’s the link…

The ones Macmillan published

  • Rudyard Kipling
  • Hugh Walpole
  • Thomas Hardy
  • WB Yeats
  • Sean O’Casey
  • Lionel Robbins; GDH Cole

Plus, Jane Austen, Anthony Trollope and Macmillan himself

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