Revision for international relations 1919-39

MNEMONICS Paper 1 B6 A World Divided

Revision Quizzes and Games (Low to Very High Impact)

  • John D Clare Versailles treaty; the League of Nations; the road to war
  • A Kahoot! game on the 1920s can be found here (low impact)
  • Another Kahoot! on the 1930s can be found here (Low Impact)
  • Flipquiz – for a Quiz Show style revision quiz with graded questions – click here (Medium Impact)
  • Quizlet on international relations can be found here (Medium Impact)
  • Build your own timeline from memory then check whether you are correct. You can do this both electronically if you want or physically (I would be doing this repeatedly and not just once, so I would choose to make a physical timeline). This exercise is particularly helpful for getting to understand the course of events and this understanding is absolutely fundamental to historical understanding so it can be very high impact if it is done from memory and repeatedly. Here is a template if you want to use one: TIMELINE.
  • Here is a 1918-1939 Timeline hastily put together – which you can check yours against – but you should construct your own.
  • I strongly recommend that you create your own physical flashcards using index cards and quiz yourself or get others to quiz you, using them. Pack them with information on a particular topic and write questions on the other side. (High Impact)
    • Increase the challenge by mixing up your topic cards from other sections of the course. Make sure that you neglect none of the questions, and focus most of your effort on those that you know least well. (High Impact)
    • Make 4 piles – 1. very difficult, 2. difficult, 3. OK 4. Easy. Spend your time revising from piles 1-4 in a ratio of 8:4:2:1 (i.e. You should be spending roughly 50% of your time on the very difficult pile; 30% on the difficult, 15% on the ‘OK’ and 5% on the easy pile. As you get better at the cards, change their positions so that you eventually end up with a pile that is easy. (Very High Impact)

Example paper and answering technique (Very High Impact)
The answering Method for Paper 1 Questions can be found here

An example paper with answers on this topic can be found here

Sample questions for practice under timed conditions for Paper 1 B6 –
can be found here.

1. The Treaty of Versailles and the Paris Peace Conferences
John D. Clare Versailles Treaty Revision Page.
John D. Clare Self-Test on Versailles Treaty.

Mr Allsop’s History audio podcasts are useful. There are two of particular use for this area of knowledge:

Also useful are the following videos by Mr Hinds:

2. The League of Nations in the 1920s and 1930s
John D. Clare’s League of Nations’ Revision Page.
John D. Clare’s Self-Test on the League of Nations.

Mr Hinds’ videos on the League are excellent:

More on the 1930s. Be aware that Mr Hinds is going into more detail that you need – particularly on Mussolini – but nonetheless gives useful background.

3. The ‘Road to WWII’.
John D. Clare’s Road to WWII Revision Page.
Try John D. Clare’s self-test on the Road to WWII

Once again, Mr Hinds provides a lucid and detailed account in his videos. You don’t need to know everything that he explores here but it does give some interesting background/context to things that you do need to know:

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