Tillerscast (2): Churchill 1951-55

Churchill, with his wife Clementine, on 26th October 1951

If you look at the reading/note-taking guide on the Conservative years, you’ll notice I set some themes out at the top. We’ll come to them. I thought we’d start with the prime minister we already know. 

The next thing is another David Reynolds documentary, all about the later Churchill. The part on the ’51-’55 government kicks in at about 42 minutes, but the first 40 are a great watch all about the ’45 defeat, the Iron Curtain speech and all. 

The blog post on Eden as foreign secretary covers some gaps too, especially about issues even in foreign affairs Churchill played little heed to: read it here.

There were four Conservative prime ministers in these years, and you can read ahead all about them:

Eden (here)

Macmillan (in two parts, here and here)

Home (here).

Next up, some of the major themes   

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