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Revision Checklist

A useful document containing a series of questions you can use to test yourself or get someone to work with you can be found here. It also contains some useful definitions: Vietnam revision questions

A very good resource for developing your knowlege on Civil Rights and the Vietnam War is found on SENECA called: History: Edexcel GCSE The USA, 1954–75: Conflict at Home & Abroad –  This is desgined for the Edexcel GCSE and not the IGCSE by the same exam board, but it is still a very effective and free resource.

Probably worth a listen is The rest is history on the Vietnam War.

How to answer questions on Vietnam

Mark Scheme

Advice for Section A

Specimen Questions for exam practice

If you are doing these questions under timed conditions, it is best to wait until you are ready to begin before clicking on the links so that you don’t get a sneak preview. Remember that there are three parts to the question and your time should be divided up roughly as follows: a) 9 minutes; b) 12 minutes and c) 24 minutes.

Non-standard questions – recommended for practice and revision:

Quizzes to test AND build knowledge
The way to use these quizzes is to really search your memory if the answer doesn’t arrive at first. Don’t look at the answers until you have given it your best shot. This is important! Learning requires effort!

Useful videos for Vietnam revision

Excellent you tube revision resources

One of the best collections of revision videos that I’ve seen is from Mr Cloke, who has a vast array of revision videos – you will need to search but here is a link to the whole lot – MrClokeHistory – Rapid Revision.  The Vietnam revision videos are in mint green… and the online Vietnam lessons in bright green.

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