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Advice on revision
You will find electronic quizzes and notes below but I strongly recommend that you create your own physical flashcards using index cards and quiz yourself or get others to quiz you, using them. Pack them with information on a particular topic and write questions on the other side. (High Impact)

  • Increase the challenge by mixing up your topic cards from other sections of the course. Make sure that you neglect none of the questions, and focus most of your effort on those that you know least well. (High Impact)
  • Make 4 piles – 1. very difficult, 2. difficult, 3. OK 4. Easy. Spend your time revising from piles 1-4 in a ratio of 8:4:2:1 (i.e. You should be spending roughly 50% of your time on the very difficult pile; 30% on the difficult, 15% on the ‘OK’ and 5% on the easy pile. As you get better at the cards, change their positions so that you eventually end up with a pile that is easy. (Very High Impact)


A3 Revision guides

Revision notes

Historians’ Views
Useful for extending your analysis and arguments – helping to form judgments etc. particularly if you already know what you want to argue! Remember: you get much more credit for challenge than for agreement.

You can find a selection of views arranged by topic A selection of historians’ views arranged by topic


Essay Plans

Please don’t expect too much from these – they are there to give you inspiration if you are stuck, they are not the only solution and probably not always the best solution but if they give you a start in your thinking then they will have helped.

Past Question Papers

Collected questions from Sections 4 5 and 7 up to and including 2018

Mark Schemes

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